Top Three Reasons to Maintain a Pond:

  1. Most agricultural ponds require a riser and outflow pipe assembly and it is important that the pipes are in good condition.  Pipes in poor condition can collapse and water would then spill over the dam which could undermine the dam and could lead to a dangerous situation for your property and or your neighbor’s property.
  2. It is important that riser pipes are sized and installed correctly and with a trash rack to keep debris from clogging the pipes and constricting water flow.
  3. Ponds can often become overwhelmed with overgrowth and it is important to keep the surrounding areas maintained and well groomed.

We are specialized pond contractors, so let us excavate your land and add a picturesque pond to your property. Ponds can provide great recreation, add more value to your property and also provide fire protection for your home and community. If you live in a rural area, a pond can become a great asset to your property through installing a dry hydrant for the local fire department to use in emergencies.

We also perform pond repairs such as riser and outflow pipe replacement, dam and emergency spillway repairs and clean-out pond sediment to add more depth to pond to help prevent algae growth.

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New Pond InstallationNew Pond Installation

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