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Lucketts Excavating clears land to make way for a dock installation and pond installation.

Services we specialize in.

What don’t we do? If it needs to be torn down, cleared out, dug up, or smoothed over, our trusted hardworking team has the solutions and the equipment to get the job done right. The scope of our work is expansive and comprehensive to sculpt the perfect piece of property.

What we do.

Beautiful pond installation in Loudoun County Virginia by Lucketts Excavating

Upgrade your property with a picturesque pond! Ponds can provide great recreation, add more value to your property and also provide fire protection for your home and community. 


We also perform pond repairs such as riser and outflow pipe replacement, dam and emergency spillway repairs and clean-out.

Gravel road/driveway installation in Northern Virginia (NOVA) by Lucketts Excavating

We are experts in installation and repairs of any gravel road or driveway.


Culvert installation and replacements, ditch line repair, grading, and stone compacting with proper crowning and compaction can give amazing results.

Drainage solutions for Morven Park located in Leesburg, Virginia by Lucketts Excavating

With the greater Washington, D.C. area averaging more rainfall a year than Seattle, Washington it's likely that your property, home, and driveway may face drainage issues.


We craft solutions to divert water flow to help prevent washouts. 

Basement excavation in Purcellville, Virginia by Lucketts Excavating

For new construction, we are able to grade land and dig out basements for your new home.

We work with home builder plans to get your home started on the right foot.

Equestrian riding arena installation in Waterford, Virginia by Lucketts Excavating

We install and repair equestrian riding arenas, arena borders and horse trails. We provide top-notch grading services, barn pad sites, under drainage and drainage solutions.


Stone dust, sand, and rubber mulch are available for delivery and installation.

Culvert replacement in Northern Virginia (NOVA) by Lucketts Excavating

Keep your gravel driveway and access roads stable, clear of debris, out of the way of damaging water flow.

Land clearing for Dodona Manor in Leesburg, Virginia by Lucketts Excavating

Land clearing, tree removal and grading in a clean and efficient manner are services we provide.


Clearing trees and brush can improve views and increase access to usable property. We also perform custom brush hogging for steep slopes and pad site construction.

Take a closer look at our gallery of work.

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