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What is a certified responsible land disturber? And why should excavators be licensed & insured?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) develops and implements the state’s environmental laws covering land, air, and sea. With goals aimed to preserve and protect the plants that grow beneath our feet, the tap water we drink, creek water that fish frolic in, and the air we breathe, the department issues permits and certifications to business—including those related to excavating, construction, and contracting—to limit pollution.

Lucketts Excavating's bulldozer on disturbed dirt.
Luckett's Excavation on-site at a pond repair job with our bulldozer.

For activities such as land disturbance—moving dirt, digging holes, and everything in between—registration is required and certifications can be issued. In order to be deemed a Certified Responsible Land Disturber for stormwater management, erosion, and sediment control, business undergo training courses in environmental science and law. An exam must be passed at the end of the training and recertification must be obtained every three years. The department also reserves the right to regularly conduct project inspections to verify permit conditions are upheld and regulations are being followed.

So what does all of this mean?

When a business, such as Lucketts Excavating, holds this certification it means they are educated on their potential impacts to the environment and how they can minimize damage to the surrounding ecosystem. By carrying out a land-disturbing activity in accordance with an approved erosion and sediment control (ESC) plan, it ensures that the land where homeowners live and business owners work is safe and healthy. When Lucketts Excavating moves dirt on customers land for digging a pond or clearing land to build a custom equestrian riding arena, you know it’s backed by educated decisions to ensure minimal impacts on the environment and with your safety as the top priority.

But wait, there's more!

Being a Certified Responsible Land Disturber isn’t the only reason to be confident when choosing Lucketts Excavating for all of your property improvement needs. With a licensed and insured excavation company, comes an added layer of protection and confidence with every project. By offering liability insurance and workers’ compensation benefits to team members, it gives peace of mind to customers that they won’t be liable in any unforeseen events such as an on-site team member injury or if a neighbor’s property is damaged during work.


For more information:

To learn more about the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and associated permits and regulations, visit:

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